Category: Skin Health

Topic: Sun Safety

Hats that are made of closely woven material, have a darker colour under the brim (to reduce reflection on the face caused by a lighter colour) and cover the top of the head, face, back of the neck and ears offer the most protection from ultraviolet radiation (UVR).

It is recommended that sun protective hats are used in combination with other forms of sun protection practices such as staying out of the sun, seeking shade when outdoors, wearing sun safe clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Practical Advice

There are several types of recommended sun protective hats:

  • broad brim hats (these have a brim width of eight to 10 centimetres and reduce the amount of UVR reaching the face and eyes by up to 50%)
  • legionnaire hats (these have a peak at the front and a flap that covers the back of the neck and ears)
  • bucket-style hats (these should have a deep crown and wide brim of at least six centimetres to protect from UVR).

Caps or visors are not recommended, as they do not provide complete protection to the head, neck and ears.

Safety helmets can be adapted to provide adequate sun protection. For example, hard hats can have flaps or extra brims fitted and bike helmets can be fitted with a legionnaire style cover.