Time in the Sun

Category: Skin Health

Topic: Sun Safety

The peak ultraviolet radiation (UVR) time of the day refers to the time of the day that UVR is strongest. The peak UVR time in Queensland is usually measured two hours each side of solar noon. It is important to avoid the sun during peak UVR times.

To protect yourself from UVR look at scheduling outdoor events outside of peak UVR times, ie. hold events early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid exposure to UVR.

Practical Advice

  • Schedule school sports carnivals - athletics, swimming - in the late afternoon, or evening if possible.
  • Outdoor play experiences at childcare settings should be scheduled early morning or late afternoon, with indoor play experiences scheduled in peak UVR times.
  • Schedule outdoor gardening, mowing lawns, and maintenance away from peak UVR times.
  • Sports organisations can try to schedule training and matches in early morning, late afternoon, or if possible night time play.
  • If you are walking/jogging/cycling etc outside aim to do this before or after work, outside of peak UVR time.

If rescheduling of events outside of peak UVR times can not occur, incorporate other elements of sun protection into your activity, such as: shade, clothing, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.