Spectacles Supply Scheme - How do I apply?

The Spectacle Supply Scheme (SSS) assists eligible Queensland residents by providing a comprehensive range of free basic spectacles. As from 1 January 2008 Queensland Health administers SSS through the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) replacing the previous application process.  MASS aims to benefit clients by streamlining the application process for spectacles through SSS.

Application Steps

When applying for spectacles you will first need to have your eyes tested by an optometrist/ophthalmologist of your choice. Once that need has been determined, you can apply.  Please let your optometrist know that you will be applying for SSS funding at the time of your eye test. Some optometrists will fill out the form with you if they are a dispensing agent for SSS.

If the optometrist is not a dispensing agent the optometrist will give you your prescription to take to a dispensing agent.  13 HEALTH (telephone number 13 43 25 84) can provide you with the location of any dispensing agents in your area or refer you to the SSS Dispenser List. Take your prescription to the dispensing agent and you will be able to choose from the range of spectacle frames that are available through SSS.

Once you have selected your frames, the dispensing agent will forward the completed application prescription form to SSS. SSS will (if approved) forward the application prescription form to a contractor who will make your new spectacles.

The contractor will return the finished spectacles to the dispensing agent who will notify you when your spectacles are ready. The dispensing agent will also provide a fitting service when you collect your spectacles. If it is more convenient, you can choose to have the contractor mail the spectacles directly to your home address.

If you are not eligible for funding through SSS, you will be advised that your application has not been progressed.

Can I provide my own frames?

You can provide your existing frames and have SSS lenses fitted or vice versa but this may occur additional costs to you e.g. larger type frames or freight costs. SSS will not be responsible for breakages caused if you have chosen to use your own frames or lenses.

Can I purchase limited extras?

If you are eligible to obtain spectacles through SSS then you are entitled to purchase limited optional extras for the spectacles. Extras are coatings added to the basic spectacle lenses and include tinting, UV protection, hard coating and hardening for glass lenses.

You will be responsible for all costs associated with any extras purchased through a private arrangement with your optometrist, as they are required through personal choice rather than clinical need. You must arrange payment for any extras directly with your optometrist/ophthalmologist.

What if I lose or break my spectacles?

In some cases you may be eligible for re-issue or repair of spectacles due to loss or breakage. However, you will be required to pay for repairs or replacement where damage has been caused through unreasonable use or neglect. Please seek advice from SSS on (07) 3136 3636.

When applying for replacement spectacles you will need to provide a prescription from your optometrist/ophthalmologist to your dispensing agent and complete a new Spectacle Supply Scheme Application form (MASS 30). You will also be required to complete a Spectacle Supply Scheme Loss/Breakage Declaration form to assess your entitlement to receive replacement spectacles. The declaration should detail the circumstances of how the spectacles were lost or broken.

Further Information

If you have questions concerning any aspect of SSS, please telephone 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84), refer to Spectacles or contact the SSS team on (07) 3136 3636.